Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Favorite Book: BookTalk: This Side of Paradise by Steven Layne (215 pages)

I thought you might all enjoy a booktalk about my favorite book--This Side of Paradise by Steven Layne... This book keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time! I usually read this aloud to my students. Great read aloud for 6th-8th grade.

Jack and Troy Barrett, brothers, always are there for each other and have a very close relationship with their grandmother, Gram. She always wants to be close, so she could take care of them. Gram makes many sacrifices for the both of them, and you will soon discover why. They both definitely have a troubled life with their dad. Their dad, Chip Barrett, definitely is strong-willed, angry most of the time, and always strives for perfection. Chip decides to move his family to a new town called Paradise when he begins working for Eden Corporation. Paradise is a village owned by a mysterious man, Mr. Eden. Jack finds romance and soon also uncovers a plan that threatens the existence of his entire family. So many secrets are located within the village of Paradise. What is the price for perfection? And what will his father and many others be willing to do to obtain perfection.
“‘Paradise Operator. How may I service you?’ The cheerful voice made me nauseous.
‘Operator, I’d like the police.’ Gram’s voice was steady.
There was a long pause. ‘I’m sorry, Ma’am. Could you repeat your request?’
Gram was perturbed with that. ‘The police. I want you to get me the police or give me the number, and I’ll call them myself.’
Another long pause. ‘What is your name? I’ll need the name of the individual placing this call, please.’ The voice had lost all traces of the cheerfulness that had been so pervasive earlier.
I rounded the corner and shook my head ‘no’ to Gram. She got the message.
‘That’s not important, Operator. I need the police. Now if you won’t connect me, then I’ll simply hang up and dial another operator who will.’
‘Ma’am,’ the voice returned to its original pleasant tone, ‘we have no police. This is Paradise.’
At that moment, the phone connection was abruptly severed” (
Layne, p. 56).

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